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Chimp Haven Sanctuary Spotlight

Chimp Haven Sanctuary Spotlight What They Do: Chimp Haven provides the chimpanzees with the freedom to make choices, live in large social groups in spacious habitats, see the sky overhead, feel the grass under their feet, and receive round-the-clock humane care and veterinary treatment.  Operating this kind of professionally run sanctuary for hundreds of […]

Marc Jacobs Was Caught Selling Dog Fur!

Take Action: Sign The Petition End The Sale of All Fur By Marc Jacobs Link To Sign The Petition: Marc Jacobs: You were caught selling dog fur! Stop using ALL fur in your designs. Petition By: Tiffany Young Chicago, IL Introduction to Petition: Fashion designer Marc Jacobs was recently caught […]

End The Sale of Lion Meat

Take Action: End The Sale of Lion Meat Link to Sign The Petition: USDA: End the Sale of Lion Meat Petition By: Petition by Cheryl Semcer Hoboken, NJ Introduction to Petition: It’s unbelievable that restaurants in the US are allowed to serve lion meat. It’s almost impossible to find out […]

Credit: Reuters/Ognen Teofilovski

Take Action: End Chimpanzee Research

Take Action: Sign The Petition Help End Chimpanzee Research Link to sign petition: Take Action: End Chimpanzee Research Letter to MERCK Petition by  Brandon & Deanna Wood  Kissimmee, FL Introduction to Petition: My name is Brandon Wood and I’ve been trying to save chimpanzees from research ever since I learned how […]