Meeko & Ollie’s mission is to bring awareness about the plight of feral cats. Learn what options are best and available for feral cats found in your community. Learn about “TNR” – the ideal technique to use with feral cats – Trap-Neuter-Return. Feral cats need our help, and taking them to shelters surely means a death sentence for them due to over crowded shelters. Read Meeko and Ollie’s story and share the information to help create a community where one day no kittens are born in the wild. The Meeko and Ollie Story is an information guide about feral cats. Download Meeko & Ollies StoryRead More →

National Tiger Sanctuary in The Spotlight National Tiger Sanctuary recently rescued five big cats from the performing industry. Branson magician Kirby VanBurch agreed to donate his animals and will no longer be using exotic cats in his act.  National Tiger Sanctuary provided a home for VanBurch’s lion, Merlin, in 2011.  Three tigers and two leopards will join Merlin at National Tiger Sanctuary, where they can live out their life in the great outdoors.  Previously, the cats were housed inside without access to grass or direct sunlight. Although the cats have been moved successfully, that is only the beginning for National Tiger Sanctuary. After the catsRead More →