Animal advocacy, welfare and rescue.

Eastwood Ranch Foundation provides support and financial assistance to animal sanctuaries, rescue groups and no-kill shelters responsible for the lifetime or temporary care of animals who need homes. Our goal is to help animal victims of abuse or neglect with a second chance at life through fundraising and education.

Pet Adoption Event This Saturday June 21st at Gelson's in Valley Village

Shiela available for adooption through Eastwood Ranch FoundationSaturday June 21st

Pet Adoption Event

When: 11 am - 2 pm Where: Gelson's Valley Village 4738 Laurel Canyon Blvd Valley Village, CA, 91607 Did you know that Gelson's supports animal pet adoptions? Visit their website by clicking here and you...


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Donate to Help the Cats of San BernardinoNew Habitat Boxes For Cats

New Eastwood Ranch Foundation Project
Give the SBC shelter cats a safe, clean habitat while providing visibility to the potential adopters and rescues.
About: Right now at San Bernardino Animal Shelter...



End The Sale of Lion Meat

LionMeatImageTake Action: End The Sale of Lion Meat

Link to Sign The Petition: USDA: End the Sale of Lion Meat Petition By: Petition by Cheryl Semcer Hoboken, NJ

Introduction to Petition: It's...


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Billy McNamara and Alison Eastwood at Neuters for Hooters Event

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Back at the Ranch…

Marc Bekoff, Author of The emotional lives of animals & other works (

"I’ve dedicated my life to studying and writing about the relationships and interactions between people and other animals. The relationship between chimpanzees and humans is incredibly important and I am proud to support Alison’s efforts to ensure these chimps, who have given so much for our benefit, get the retirement they deserve so that they can live in peace and safety for the rest of their lives. Please join me in supporting Alison’s crowdfunding campaign."

Let's Reach our Goal!! (2 photos)
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3 weeks ago

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Leigh Bantivoglio, Fashion Designer and Founder of UnCaged Network

"Crowdfunding is the key to helping as many animals as possible, that is why I support Loveanimals. What better way than to use social media to tell all your friends and family about your love of animals. It’s the easiest way to make a donation have the biggest impact to the animal you are helping.

I especially adore Loveanimals’ campaign to help chimps used in research. Can you imagine living in a prison cell your entire life being tested on for medicine?! Well, that is the life these spectacular animals have had. Not only do they belong in their natural habitat but they also deserve the love and attention needed to heal from this testing as some have been infected with HIV.

Please support Alison Eastwood and Loveanimals which are giving these precious animals a place to live together in harmony forever."

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3 weeks ago

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